Lindsay Taylor Jackson

Lindsay is a filmmaker and photographer. She first experienced the art of imagery at a young age through an abundance of dark room photography courses. She later moved into the motion of images. Lindsay has worked as a Cinematographer and as an Assistant Editor on The Address for Florentine Films under Ken Burns and Editor Craig Mellish (ACE). She first served as an intern for Florentine Films on The Dust Bowl and The Roosevelts: An Intimate History.

With a common concentration on the psychology of the human condition in her work, Lindsay is well-rounded in different areas of film and photography, sharing equal interests in documentary, narratives, and experimental work. 

Lindsay attended the film department at Keene State College, where she was chosen to represent The School of Arts & Humanities of her graduating class, and a study abroad Production Track at FAMU (The Academy of Film and Performing Arts) in Prague of the Czech Republic. Earlier, she had also attended five pre-college courses in film and photography at The Art Institute of Boston.

Lindsay has Teacher Assisted for many filmmakers during courses at Maine Media Workshops & College, including: Rodney Taylor (ASC), Mark Raker (Basic Cinematography), Bill Megalos (Producing The Advocacy Documentary), Marianna Edmunds (60 MInutes, Producing The Documentary), Bill Holshevnikoff (Digital Cinematography), Julie Mallozzi (Storytelling With HDSLRs Documentary), Daniel Stephens (Basic Lighting & Grip, Location Lighting), Alan Myerson (The Director’s Craft), Derek Kimball (Young Filmmakers), Alex Bilodeau (Young Learner's Program), and Suzi Piker (Audio Storytelling).

After returning to the Czech Republic, Lindsay shot an independent documentary, Velvet Citizen. Afterwards, she co-shot a documentary on women thru-hikers of The Appalachian Trail. Lindsay continues to work on both projects while freelancing. 


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